The World All-styles Championship started 2010 as a ICKKF World Championship, now represents a new conception inside World Federations and International Martial Arts and Combat Sports Bodies.

WACF is a Democratic Body that recognizes the opportunity for all to enjoy Martial Arts & Combat Sports and to cooperate for its development in the world. We developed new concepts of Worldwide Federations and for that WACF as on a National Level different organizations working together and representing one of there specific divisions.~

All WACF members and representatives may be affiliated to organizations, we don't deman exclusive affiliation as we also don't have Annual Fees. The WACF recognizes full autonomy and freedom of its members.

WAC objective and bylaw is a unity between all it´s members and the creation of harmony among all martial arts & combat sports.

WAC is from 05 April 2017, the official World All Styles Championships for the UWSKF and the project "United For Olympic Dreams".

WAC is now represented in 116 countries in five continents, with over 800.000 affiliated members.

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